Saturday, 7 November 2009

Warpedhammer The Comic - A Webcomic From the Past

The date was 28.8.04, the Warhammer Fantasy (Games Workshop) global tabletop online campaign 'Storm of Chaos was coming to an end and I decided to start work on a webcomic, inspired by the campaign itself!

That was one hell of a warhammer campaign and I played it out on Da Warpath with my Orc and Goblin forces.

I was lucky enough to find a great artist from Holland called Tiemen. His punchy cartoony fun style of drawing really complimented my work.

I've been in the process of trying to recover the old comics. We did a fair few issues in the webcomic but I can't get hold of them all. The internet source I had them on has long since been abandoned and many of the images are broken. The digital originals no longer exist on my end as I lost them in a PC error. I have also lost touch with Tiemen sadly, meaning I cannot access the originals either. We'll see what I can dig up off the net.

I'm going to try and recover the comics in order, or at least some of them. It would be great to add them to this, a collection of my projects together.

One last thing to mention, it was a hardcore niche series. Many of you won't get the references if you don't play Warhammer Fantasy or weren't in Storm of Chaos.
I like niche, I was thinking about the forum community fans at the time. If you don't know the sources, I'm sure a lot of this is going to look lame to you. Hehe. Be warned.