Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Muscle Pain Spasms, Piston Pins

I've been working on issue six, sending a google email back and forth to get the final combat sequences incrementally better when I spotted google's own subject relative adverts on the right of the screen window. I had to laugh.
it read: More about...
Arm Tattoos »
Fence Pin »
Muscle Pain Spasms »
Piston Pins »

Above it was:
Collar Pin
Screw End Collar Pin
For Collar pin shirts
Silicon Microarray Pins
Ultra high precision and low cost silicon microcontact spotting pins
Flashing NFL Pins
Light Up NFL Pins - Very Hot Item Many Teams, Order Online or Call Us
We offer secondhand Chain
Stud & Open link Chain 24 to 86 mm. Large Stock.
This really made me chuckle, seeing how the google links could get things so very mis-interpreted. Of course, it also gives an indication what we've been writing about, but in a clever way that makes you use your imagination.