Tuesday, 26 March 2013

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Setting 'The Gold Den' Bank/Bar/Smoking Rooms For RPG

So I created this place and included it in my Dragon Age (AGE system) conversion of Freeport, but you could use this place anywhere. In Thedas I personally am having this be connected to the Carta industries and have placed it in Freeport, in the Waking Sea.

Welcome to 'The Gold Den'.

The Gold Den. A favourite haunt by sea raiders.
The place is recognisable even off the coast at night from the huge gold coin suspended as its iconic logo, with the name of the place etched into it. 
When the sun goes down, the who place begins to glow outwards into the street and night waters ahead. This is partly from the huge coin design (only a painted but shiny metal) and partly from the angular lamp lighting that bounces off the walls and floor in and around, which are painted white.

A policy exists of no bloodshed inside, therefore weapons are surrendered at the door. All who come here can count on peace as one of the few places you can find it.
Those who break the law in any way, smuggling weapons or the like are dragged into the cellars below and used as sport in the fighting cages versus whatever the establishment can dream up on that day. The policy of bloodshed below doesn't apply inside the cages. He who steps in there relinquishes all rights to protection under The Gold Den by-laws. As such, those who have already committed "crimes" and dragged there have already relinquished their rights.

While there are several naval themed drinking areas inside The Gold Den, it is not only a tavern. It also serves as an aspiring bank, run by gangsters and pirates, with vaults guarded by the most menacing of men one could ever hope to find (or hope not to!) Plunder from the seas is often deposited securely here with investments incurring interest on longstanding accounts. The bank currently has ties to only a handful of other co-operative banking outlets overseas, mainly being in pirate controlled lands.

Furthermore, there is the "smoking room", an aside place upstairs where men can come to smoke great pipes and narcotics. Narcotics and smoking weeds too are for sale at the bar.
Often, the smoke seen coming from the chimney is not that of a hearth as one might know it! However, the owners have cleverly piped the chimney through into the following building so that it escapes into the air from there.

This is however a friendly place, as long as you are one of them or can carry yourself strongly enough.

The front door gives initial access to the bank, with bouncers guarding a curtain and turnstile that leads to the drinking/smoking area behind. A back door leads out into a grimy urine soaked alleyway, that is regularly awash with pales of soapy water (just so that it can stink THIS much!) Many of the drunkards too inebriated to leave the alley at time of its inefficient cleaning schedule get soaked and angry, (angry in a cleaner way).

There is no real on site "owner'. Whatever gang/pirate outlet you have in your system will be the controlling party, with on site stooges that appear to be managers but are only there for appearance sake.
Staff are chosen for the ability to keep their mouths shut and simply listen instead of talk, speaking only when spoken to.

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New Adventure In The Works - AGE SYSTEM

Saturday, 16 March 2013

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AGE Adventure In The Works

I have been working with Martin Garner on a project in the works that I fully intend to run in my Dragon Age RPG campaign. It's going to be called The Shadow Bloom.

This will be using the AGE system of play without any IP inclusive content for world setting etc. A standard fantasy setting. I've been in discussions with how I could make this work, as it turns out that still using the AGE system is usage of the company's owned property, the company being Green Ronin.
I am making this adventure and will playtest it with my own group, but after that whether it will see the light of day publicly is more of an unknown. This is because while GR as a company are very reasonable about freely donated projects, I would like to see at least some tiny recompense of time for the work undertaken. Just want to get a tips jar amount thing going on, as time in these my later years is a very difficult and valuable commodity indeed. After all, there are family and kids who I have to take myself away from to make projects happen and such.

If I can get something worked out, I hope to get it out there to you. Perhaps on this forum somehow.