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Team Discussion 30/4/10

This morning I had a really good team discussion with Peter Davis-Parker, telling him how I think we need to make chapter 15 work. He took my suggestions on board and will leave them to work inside his thoughts. Hopefully he should commence writing of chapter 15 soon.

I have recently completed a 12 and a half page word document chapter for TFT as well. It will be in regards to Maestro and won't show up in the story for a few chapters yet. I'm soon to start work on yet another chapter too.

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Their Fated Travels...(Chapter Fourteen) - Trial of Fire

Pete and I have been hard at work to bring you chapter 14.
Read it at DA here -
or directly below this writing.

Editorial Note:

Lory Cozens was unable to fulfil the request (that he had accepted) to become temp writer for TFT, so the baton passed to another player at the table, Peter Davis-Parker, who plays Dieter in the story.

He needed a lot of guidance so I gave his work a revision and edited it as much as I could, without re-writing all of it, hehe.

My hope is that I can train Peter to become an understudy of sorts. So here we have it, chapter 14 of TFT.

Their Fated Travels…

RPG Party events as told By Peter Davis-Parker

Rephrasing, plot co-ordinating, editing by Robert James Freemantle

Based on the 2nd edition WHFRP game chapter of the same name

This story contains spoilers for that book’s (Ashes of Middenheim) adventure

Chapter Fourteen

Trial of Fire

Extract from the diary of Dieter:

Day 40:

The others discussed the best way to get into the tavern, I decided to stay out of the conversation since they are smart enough to handle that low a task. Most of them anyway.

Head hurts for some strange reason.

“Right! So Tobias you will sneak in through the upstairs window and check the rooms, while the rest of us will improvise an excuse to get to the cellar where you can join us” piped Maestro before continuing, “Dieter you have been rather quiet, even for you. Is something perhaps the matter?”

Dieter looked up glaring at the wizard and after a moment replied, “I am fine and so is the plan. Let's just get there already, before the halfling changes its mind…before he tries to steal my wallet - not for the first time this evening.”

With that the four left the temple, avoiding the gaze of people who scurried in the darkness like the rat men they had previously fought.

From the Diary of Rissandrea:

Day 40:

This city is so full of sickness both of the body and of the spirit. It disheartens me to know I alone could not heal it. Even with my sisters and the temple, the city remains like this. I know how hard they must try and how they feel.

I find Dieter hard to figure out. One minute he seems to struggle to barely contain some darkness within but then he fought like a maddened thing to protect the false beast man and the poor girl with the mutation.”

From the Diary of Tobias:

Day 40:

Finally they gave me a job to do - a pitifully easy one given my skills, better than having to follow that idiotic wizard around tonight at least.

Tordrad's Diary:

Day 40

I tire of sneaking and lying.

Why does wizard not let me cut, kill, enjoy?

Dieter is funny even his dog has warrior heart.

Saw Dieter feed it to him.


Helped me perfect shashlik recipe.

Needed more heart.

They watched as the Halfling Tobias ran deftly around the corner and as they saw his shadow climb up the wall they entered the tavern.

The sudden smoky interior, created from the patron’s cheap cigarettes and hefty pipes stung their eyes. Once they had recovered, they made straight for the bar.

Tordrad ordered two vodkas for himself, clutching them closely to his chest like a protective mother bird. The others began to acquaint themselves with the barman.

The halfling slowly pulled the window up and entered silently into the small room. As his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he saw he was standing in a small alchemy lab although he knew that this couldn’t be possible. His mind took him back to a time long before now…

As the halfling sneaked forward, he saw that in the corner of the laboratory stood a small stove that had some strange green liquid bubbling away inside it. The room was empty but he knew how quickly that could change - better than any other. The halfling crept silently across the room searching for the notes he knew to be there. He knew instinctively that what he had come for was more important than what THEY had sent him here to find.

After a few moments of furious searching he found them, he found the paper work with the recipe for the elixir to crystallise crushed plant matter into diamonds. With what he came for tucked in his leather tunic he began to creep back towards the window and the freedom of the outside air when the door opened!

“What are you doing here? You know dad will tan your hide if he finds you in his laboratory” came a high-pitched query in a distinctly pompous tone. As the thief looked around he saw the silhouette of a person of similar height. Before he could respond, the blood in their chests froze when they heard the front door being unlocked and the sound of muffled voices beyond became more apparent.

Downstairs in the ‘Sword and Flail’ Maestro propped his arms up on the bar and leaned over catching the attention of the barkeep. “I know this might sound cliché my good man but they have reason to believe you have rats in your cellar. Maybe even of the talking kind – if you know what I mean?”

The ruddy-faced barman glanced around the room nervously, worried that this skinny but well dressed eccentric may harm the tavern’s reputation.

Pointing a plump finger at the man, almost as if to see him better, the man defended the honour of his establishment, “Now I can asshure you, whoever you are --Hicc-- there are no rats here. Talking or otherwise --Hiccup--.”

The man had the good sense to speak in a hushed tone but clearly he had sampled some of his own produce. Sensing this could be a problem Maestro subtly gave the winds of magic a jolt, casting a spell under his breath, as he weaved his hand under the counter he directed it into his staff. He firmly brought his staff down onto the wooden floor. There was then a series of squeaking sounds along with sudden scratching, as if from tiny claws. “Oh my word! Did you just hear that?” started Maestro, “we could deal with your little --cough-- problem here barkeep, discreetly of course. It seems to be a staple of adventurers to kill rats in basements anyway, or so I have heard.”

Dieter aided Maestro’s ploy, “Great idea Maestro, but I am sure the barkeep would be…” Dieter looked straight into the barman’s somewhat glazed over eyes, “… grateful enough to offer us a drink - on the house.” Dieter could sometimes have a convincing manner and there was something about his eyes this time that registered a tussle of willpower in the barman’s subconscious mind – a tussle that he had no chance of winning.

Although he understood little of the conversation, the Kislevite understood the word “drink” and cheered. Without argument the barman led them past the bar and through the door to the back, past the staircase leading up to the rooms and stopped at the cellar door.

Dieter spotted a shadow at the top of the stairs and realised that Tobias was waiting up there for the opportune moment to rejoin the group.

After the landlord left to go back to his post, the halfling did indeed return to them carrying a number of artefacts - items that could only be for chaos worship. He was also attempting to conceal a very large pouch of money.

Dieter grinned like a shark, “So this man definitely knows what is going on here. From the looks of that pouch, he is being paid to keep quiet about it. What took you so long Tobias?”

Without waiting for a reply Dieter began to search the cellar, finding little of any real interest. Then they spotted Ulger pawing at a barrel and they realised the floor around it was cleaner than the rest of the rough hewn room.

“Dog good” said Tordrad.

Dieter walked over to the dog patting it gently. “Good work Ulger, here you go.”

He gave the dog a strip of Beastman flavoured jerky to chew on while they moved the barrels out of the way.

As a group they moved down to the floor below via the iron runged ladder set in place to the wall. There they found themselves in a narrow corridor wide enough for only two. Dieter ordered the dog to remain above to safeguard against a rear ambush. They set off down the passageway.

After a minute or so of walking they spotted a light coming from an opening that suggested a room may be only a few yards ahead.

From Tordrad's Diary:

Day 40:

Doctor brave.

He approach clearing up front with me.

Something felt wrong.

Tunnel barely wide enough for me.

Good thing Dieter small.

Big presence for man so small.

Extract from the diary of Maestro:

Day 40:

Something about the clearing felt wrong. Like the winds of magic were being affected – persuaded almost, away from this place.

Good thing Tordrad was up front. I would get extra warning that something might try to kill me soon - especially if something killed him first.

I kept getting a feeling about Dieter. It was as though he was and yet was not there. I swear I even saw his shadow move a little before he did.

I must talk to Tobias if it continues. Perhaps I am becoming attuned to something going on with Dieter, something perhaps Dieter isn’t even aware of yet.

Extract from the diary of Tobias:

Day 40:

Dieter and Tordrad were always up the front together. Spoiling my fun like they feel I need to be protected. De'ath especially. The only upside is no foe will see me coming from behind their wide backs.

Extract from Rissandrea's diary:

Day 40:

Over Dieter's shoulders I could make out two robed figures with horrific mutations. They stood near an altar of bloody skulls and a side passage containing a caged man. I realised it had to be Johann Opfer who we had been tasked with finding. I need not have notified them as they ran headlong into battle as soon as they saw the saw the figures.

Extract from the diary of Dieter:

Day 40:

The time for action was again upon us. The robed pair was alerted to our presence by Tordrad's battle cry. Even as I rushed headlong towards the squat one with extended claws, I saw the Kislevite swinging his scimitar with the precision and accuracy of a surgeon. As good as his swings and thrusts were, my chest burned and does so again recalling it for this journal, with apprehension as the beast of a thousand teeth shot some thing from his body like a porcupine might shoot spines from its back. The spines gouged their way into the flesh of my comrade.

Extract from the diary of Rissandrea:

Day 40:

The Kislevite was in trouble and while I hesitated to approach any of the men before me, Shallya commands me so.

Extract for Tordrad's diary:

Day 40:

Strange crocodile man bite me with flying teeth.

Is weak fighter I think.

Have had hangovers with more pain but the holy girl rushed to me.

I let her do her job.

Dieter had already carved up claw man's arm. Their fight is over.

He is smart. Know to leave crocodile man to me.

Extract from the diary of Maestro:

Day 40:

While Tordrad and Dieter fought the mutants so well, I with Tobias snuck around to the antechamber and released the prisoner. By the time Johann Opfer stepped fearfully from the cage, the group had again joined us. I told them we should all leave before anything else happened and the group agreed.

We draped Tobias's cape around the injured man and let the halfling leave through the upper floor again. We got back to the cellar where Ulger greeted us warmly.

It was rather strange actually, when we entered the bar Dieter uttered something in his ear and the barman looked straight through the injured man with us as though he were not there. We left to head back to the trial while there was still time.

As they approached the temple, they were joined by Tobias once more.

The trial outside had already begun...

Duz Andy Know? Episode 12 - Oral Sex And Andy's Doctor

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Writer Handover News 27/4/10

I have an update on the planned writer handover.

The man that was going to take over from chapter 14 has decided that the undertaking of TFT is too much pressure. He feels the story is too good to risk getting wrong. He has regretably stood down as writer. It's a little unprofessional but I can accept it a bit more seeing as he has also stood down as a writer generally for anything.
He is the actual table play's GM so he will continue to have influence on certain aspects of our story advances, at its initial level.

I was about to undertake the writing again, myself when Pete (who plays Dieter) the other writer inclined one said that he would give it a go.
Therefore, I can tell you, the continuation of the Middenheim arc - chapter 14 onwards will be written by Peter Davis-Parker. I'll try to edit a bit.

I am actually writing a couple of things right now as well, for TFT - which means you will be seeing more work by me soon as well. If things work out well with Pete, we might keep a co-operational writing schedule going.

We'll see.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Their Fated Travels...(Chapter Thirteen) Panic In The Streets

Author's Note:

From chapter 14 I won't be writing the story, Lory Cozens will be. This should be at least until the end of the Middenheim story arc. I will probably return so don't panic, but I'll likely give someone else a chance to write as well. These are the other players of the RPG game that inspires this storyline.

You can read all about it and why here -

Thanks for all your support so far. See you soon and please keep reading to find out what I'm doing, because Maestro is played at the table by me, so you can find out what I did through the story.

As always, the story is below or you can read it at deviantart here -

Their Fated Travels…

RPG Party events as told By Robert James Freemantle

Based on the 2nd edition WHFRP game chapter of the same name

This story contains spoilers for that book's (Ashes of Middenheim) adventure

Chapter Thirteen

Panic In The Streets

Extract from the diary of Rissandrea:

Day 40

The deed was done. Our mission was a success but we began to grow suspicious in our journey back to the temple, of the large amounts of watch running to and fro across the city.

We quickly discovered that a number of mutants had come about due to the poisoned water. There were too many for me to save and besides, I am not yet a priestess. Who listens to me? Really?

Extract from the diary of Tobias:

Day 40

Stupid people of the stupid city! Running rampant and causing widespread chaos all around.

Extract from the diary of Rissandrea:

Day 40

Then we came upon a poor man who had been tied to a post. It was clear that something was wrong with the situation.

A group of citizens were crowded around him, jeering and throwing insults. His house was being prepared for burning. Anarchy!

Upon an even closer inspection I could see he had a sign on his chest, a crudely painted on warning that read – beestman.

Not even spelt correctly. Several of the city watch were nearby, but it turned out that they were not even who they said they were…

As for the accused man – the horns on his head were tied on with string! I was having none of it. I pushed through the crowd. The others followed me. I began addressing them and discovered that they cruelly labelled this man as a beastman. Even when we removed the fake horns, still they jeered and kept to their purpose.

Extract from the diary of Maestro:

Day 40

Quite frankly, I didn't want to get involved. I was more curious about our chances of faring against so large a crowd if things turned ugly. From looking at some of the faces present, I think it already had.

Extract from the diary of Dieter:

Day 40

We later found out that the man being tied up was a money lender. The crowd were simply borrowers who were trying to use the opportunity of the city being in a state of upheaval to get rid of him, and hence their debts.

Not that I care about these people, not any of them. Not the man who was tied up, nor the crowd, nor the group I even travel with, but something about this situation, the supreme stupidity of it, so alarmingly ignorant, foolish to try and get away with – I couldn't let it stand. I could have cut each and every one of them down where they stood for the act they were about to commit.

I kept it simple. The time for words was over. We'd tried it the Shallyan's way and that hadn't worked. I noticed the main speaker, the ringleader amongst them was a dwarf. I told him to back down. He laughed at me and the crowd laughed too.

I grabbed the bastard by his beard and started to lift.

I hate short people and idiot crowds.

I have a new friend, I think.

Extract from the diary of Tordrad:

Day 40

Somehow Dieter so strong, when he wants to be. He picked up dwarf by beard! Lifted him a little off ground. Impressive!

Dieter shouted words at dwarf. Dwarf looked concerned suddenly. Crowd too. Got more than they bargained for with him. He started poking dwarf hard in the face.

Ends up kicking up the ass as city watch arrive. Crowd disburse before the pretend city watch could do anything about it.

Extract from the diary of Rissandrea:

Day 40

Terrible, city watch chased a little girl down an alleyway. Yes she had a mutation, but of course it was curable. I tried to explain this to the watchmen.

Tordrad became very defensive of the girl, seeing that they had drawn their weapons and cornered her as they had. He drew his weapon and stood in their way.

I've never seen the man do anything outside of his bodyguard duty. This had riled him.

Extract from the diary of Tordrad:

Day 40

She remind me so of my little sister…I called her that. She was like a sister to me…back in Kislev – another I was forced to leave…she was reason I leave.

Extract from the diary of Rissandrea:

Day 40

I explained that while I am a Shallyan devotee and am unable to partake of serious violence, my Kislevite friend has no such restrictions. I pointed out that he was evidently taking the violent threat towards this girl seriously. I begged that they let us take her to the church for healing.

Dieter was also strangely defensive of her. I saw his machete ready in hand. He was prepared to strike those men if need be. I've never seen this side of him either.

We were then invited back to the watch headquarters to give a report. I again insisted that we take the girl to the church first. They seemed to accept this eventually, after much looking at one another. This made me suspicious.

Extract from the diary of Tobias:

Day 40

On the way back to the watch HQ, we saw Deputy High Priest Claus Liebnitz and a group of heavily armed Teutogen guard step out in front of us. He asked us what was going on.

Rissandrea tried to answer and one of the guards promptly struck her to the face. Tordrad went to move in for the attack but the guards were upon him in moments. His strength was so great he almost threw them off of him. Had Rissandrea not shot him a looking to appeal for calm, he might well have succeeded!

The watchmen told the Deputy High Priest that we were suspects in a chaos scheme.

Maestro tried to argue, pointing out that the group did indeed have permits to investigate the situation as they saw fit. A mission to protect the wells, as directed by the witch hunters.

One of Liebnitz's men pointed out that a group of witch hunters had indeed just been arrested.

Liebnitz told the men to stand down, that he would handle it from here. He satisfied the watchmen that they would be duly paid for their capture.

Things were looking up when we were escorted to the Temple. At last it seemed like we could get the investigation moving again and get out of this city. Alas that was not to be…The bastards.

Tordrad's diary:

Day 40

They escorted us to jail area, want to show us something there, he say. Witch hunter prisoner there. It is Matthias Hoffer.

Liebnitz say something in smarmy voice. Voice sound so different now. I not know what he say, some words like "yoo outlivved yoosefull-ness". Something like these words. Others get tense, this made me tense. I see fight soon. Liebnitz leaves. He spoke this through closed door.

Wizard become angry all of sudden. Interesting to see him stand up for himself. Maybe he is true man yet. He say something with wagging finger, trying to look threatening. Finger and voice ruin effect – I can tell from guard. Guard grabs him. He speak mage tongue and touch guard's forehead. Guard fall asleep. I not be jailed for crime I did not commit.

I make sure I even not be jailed for crime I do do. So especially not be jailed for crime I do not.

Liebnitz, he is bad man.

I cut down two more guards. More attack. We end up bringing down six guards. Some dead, some asleep.

Then I see jailer and some guards still alive. We throw them in jail. Ironic outcome. Dieter notice rope on ground – look on his face tells me, this not to be good for jailer he eyeballing.

Dieter thread rope through cell bars – around jailer's neck – he squeeze hard. Strange man up against bars, from outside. Man's head look like maybe it become bigger. Maybe not. Haha! I think this way though. It funny.

Jailer then still asleep. Dieter angry now – he give kick to jailer's spine. I hear satisfying crack. Reminds me of when I prepare animal to eat. Jailer scream now. Must be awake.

Dieter say word to wizard. Word like In-tare-row-gate.

He tell them he not know much I think, as Dieter got angry again.

When I look back to jailer, he had extra pool of blood coming from him – he lying on floor. Not know what happened.

They make plan now. Take guards clothes and put on. Take jailer key to escape. Release witch hunter man in cell.

From the diary of Maestro:

Day 40

Mathias Hoffer was in the holding cells and we released him too, but he was badly injured. He had managed to tell us that Bauer had been taken while searching for the poisoners of the wells.

He had uncovered a cultist den within a tavern basement called 'The Sword and Flail'.

Extract from the diary of Rissandrea:

Day 40

We arrived at the Temple of Sigmar only to find it practically under siege! They were getting ready to burn the man inside, with cries of "heretic". Religion is such a dangerous thing to perceive wrong.

I have been challenged about my beliefs before. Rather than getting into something heated like many do over this topic, I simply answer that if I am wrong in my belief, if what I believe in turns out to be incorrect, at least I have spent my time healing and doing good - unlike some others who have been on more morally ambiguous "righteous quests".

Tobias's diary:

Day 40

Hoffer showed us a secret entrance into the Temple. Bah, I could have found it myself!

From the diary of Rissandrea:

Day 40

The watch apparently arrested witch hunter Jakob Bauer with a copy of the highly forbidden 'Liber Chaotis' on his person. He will apparently be put on trial.

There had obviously been a political play put in motion, to destabilize the region.

It turns out the mob outside of the Temple were there for Ulrich Fischer, who managed to escape when Bauer was captured.

We all know that Bauer is innocent at least. I can tell that those who believe it, know it to be so. They had revealed their hand too early when they tried to imprison us as they had.

Dieter sat and waited by an upstairs window, while the others discussed what to do next. A mission was afoot, for the adventurers to search the tavern that had the cultist base within it. Dieter stared at the angry mob who erected their makeshift pyre to burn the witch hunter who was hiding inside with them. Nearby houses were being looted for any scraps that could feed the fire.

As he stared, Dieter's eyes fixed on the licking flames – losing focus to reality around him, he closed his eyes and the darkness of nothingness swallowed him whole. He opened his eyes again, or…or at least he thought he had. Still he was surrounded by darkness. His thoughts were low and hard to access, as if he was busy doing something else, something he wasn't aware of.

There was no breath, yes he wasn't breathing. He knew this as he realised he was in some sort of liquid, yet no bubbles came from his mouth as he exhaled…yet he had exhaled, so surely he was breathing. This thought alone was enough to take up his entire concentration. He could focus on very little else. Soon he couldn't even focus on that fact when his eyes had began to adjust to the darkness around him – when he saw a shape begin to become apparent in the blackness of the liquid before him.

What he saw took him by surprise, yet it seemed like it was the most natural thing he had ever seen as well. A baby, not fully developed yet floated before him – its body in a foetal position – as he came to the realisation that there was no way it could possibly be born yet. So how was this? It was before him now. He looked down and saw his own hand. It looked different. Like that of a growing baby.

A strange anger began to take hold of him. He suddenly felt defensive and aware of threat. The baby in front of him floated up a little. Its umbilical cord came into view from below. Its hands flexed a little, fingers outwards then into fists as they had been previously. The anger was so intense now, worse than anything he had ever felt before.

Suddenly the baby in front of him opened its eyes and glared at him. Its stare was horrific. Malice was clear upon its expression suddenly and its eyes glared a terrible red colour.

There was a blur as a surge of water whooshed around him.

Next thing Dieter knew, the baby before him was struggling, its umbilical cord had been severed. Its hands were around Dieter's throat and he was being choked.

Dieter responded in kind.

The baby before him was first to go motionless. Dieter felt satisfaction suddenly well up inside him. He had earned the right to life. He had wanted life more than the other.

Crimson clouds floated through the liquid, filling the dark space around him. He began suckling on the nutrients of the dead meat before him. His first meal tasted wonderful. He didn't know what was waiting outside for him, but he knew he would find his way there, somehow.

The blood surrounded him and red gave way to orange as Dieter's eyes were back on the pyre's flames outside. The red haze coming up from the smoke made his past vision still hang in front of his eyes as he shivered at the realisation of another old memory.

This one explained a lot for him. Everything made sense now…

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What's New With HGP - April Latest

The very most recent thing is my Army of Two 40th Day review here -

Aside from that, I've looked at Just Cause, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Dragon Age Awakening too.

See it all here -

Duz Andy Know? Episode 10 - Queen Victoria

Andy let me film him again. There had been a long time where he hadn't even been socialising with me or, well with anyone. But I got episode 10 filmed and edited. Here is the end product.

This questions challenge was submitted by a viewer. You can do the same, by contacting me at the YouTube pm.

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Planned Writer Change

Their Fated a great way for me to express writing some amazing characters. The feedback I've received from them is astounding. Of course, because it's a Fantasy story not as many people read it compared to a 40k story of the same calibre. that's a shame really. But as I say, the feedback I have been getting is worldwide and consistently supporting the project.

Now the emphasis has shifted to the book adventures for a lot of it. This had to happen because the concept for TFT is to follow the adventures of what happens in the RPG sessions, to inspire story.
Because story can't be just copied straight from a book in those cases, the characters have instead been having to commit much of what happens to diary, to keep the character points of view at the forefront, the one controllable element within it that isn't in the book, because the characters are of course our own.

I personally find it a challenge to write and be creative on a book's framework that is already set in place. I've done quite well up 'til now I know (where applicable) but even when it's not the book's own framework, it's instead something the GM (I'm not the GM, I'm a player) has cooked up, plot-wise. Then I'm having to write his story. While I'm putting it down, I'm then encountering issues because perhaps he hasn't plotted a thing out to make sense for my liking, or a character has been allowed to do something at the table that I don't think they would have done in actual realistic terms, i.e. when it comes to putting them into the readable story properly, which is of course another headache, because I'm then trying to work out a lot of other people's mistakes, ones that I didn't make.

All of this gets a creative mind like me down, after a while. We're quite a bit behind the actual events at the table so I've come up with a challenge for two of the others from the table. I want them both to write, to contribute to TFT as well! Yeah!
Neither one of them feels they could do as good a job as I have done. I'm not boasting, I'm saying what they told me, so as and when you read anything they write as updated chapters, please bear with them. They're not me and they're not trying to be.

So what's happening next?
Well, you've probably already read chapter 12. I have chapter 13 finished, waiting in hand. It contains a serious flashback for one of our characters too. After that, I have nothing written. So the sourcebook is currently in the hands of the GM, one Lory Cozens. It is his challenge to contribute to this project, a project intended to document the adventures of our characters throughout their entire adventuring careers!
He said he'd been looking for something to write so this is a chance for him to give it a crack and contribute to all of my hard work. I think I deserve a break - I've written well over 40,000 words so far!
Chapter 13 will come out soon. If Lory gets his groove on (hopefully he'll respond well to public anticipation of my announcement here), then he will in theory write chapter 14 and the few other chapters that continue and end this current Middenheim story arc.

My hope is that I will also manage to encourage Peter Davies-Parker (the fellow who plays Dieter De'ath) to contribute towards it too. I'd love to see two different takes on the accepted writing styles of TFT. Some prose and some character diary form, alternating.
That's not to say I won't be writing for TFT again. I'm just saying, for what is effectively a group fun project that is being shared with you so you can enjoy it too, one that is never intended to be pitched professionally, I think the others should pull their weight as well.

As always, you don't know if characters will live or die at any given moment, but the adventure will go on, for it must. Therefore I can tell you that the next major story arc, book 3 if you like, will be a return to Altdorf! We left the city back in chapter 5, if you recall. But the characters have grown now. How will this change things?

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Their Fated Travels...(Chapter Twelve) - The Unquiet Death

Their Fated Travels…

RPG Party events as told By Robert James Freemantle

Based on the 2nd edition WHFRP game chapter of the same name

This story contains spoilers for that book’s (Ashes of Middenheim) adventure

Chapter Twelve

The Unquiet Death

Extract from the diary of Tobias:

Day 40

We made it back to the city well enough.

When we brought the skull back to the Temple of Ulric, they took it from us and placed it into an iron chest with runes upon it. Good!

We sat at the dining table ready to explain all that had happened in our journey. Maestro became distressed though, I noticed, when the drinks were brought in. Wine and water had been offered.

Father Odo drank of the water and Rissandrea was about to partake of some too when Maestro started babbling at her, sweating profusely. I became immediately suspicious of course.

It seems the wizard’s witch sight steered him to seeing a green hue rise from the water jug, which we later speculated had come from a well that had been poisoned with warpstone!

Father Odo transformed instantly, convulsing and screaming as the terrible process took hold of him.

Where the priest did fall, in his place did rise a bird like monstrosity.

Extract from the diary of Maestro:

Day 40

Magnamus was right! A person can became a chaos spawn just like that!

We managed to kill the thing with very little trouble, but still, that is not the point! It seems that though the war is over, the looming cloud of chaos still rains upon the people of this place.

By all accounts, it would seem that the church itself has become corrupted. Oh, I can’t say I’m surprised of course, no not at all.

I have researched much of the city’s cults and religions during my stay here. Their great library is extensive, if a little fanatical to its most inspired of ideas…

All religions are cults to me anyway. Better to be shot of the lot of them.

It seems the Jade Sceptre of Slaanesh made their move at bringing down the city on the inside during the actual war itself. Now that is over, it seems that Tzeentch’s cult of the Purple Hand are extending that hand, right into the church. Seeing a bird like chaos spawn manifest from the tortured screaming body of Father Odo pretty much guaranteed that in my mind.

Extract from the diary of Dieter:

Day 40

Now would be the best time for the chaos internal cults to strike, while the city is reeling from its attack, as the bulk of its troops are outside of the walls, chasing Archaon’s army back up into the Wastes. Yes, if I was a scheming God I too would attack the city right now. That does not bode well for us.

If only I was a scheming God, so much I could do. My first stop would be Morr…

More fun was to be had inside the Temple though, before I forget I should mention here, three of the kitchen staff had drank from the water too. They were running around with mutations. We tried stopping them. It became unpleasant…for them at least.

Ulger and I killed two of them before Rissandrea intervened on the third. Damn her!

Still it doesn’t matter.

It’s all going wrong anyway.

Odo was so promising too, and even he has been stolen from me.

Extract from the diary of Rissandrea:

Day 40

I managed to make the third mutant and our party see sense. This man had no evil in his heart. Maestro and I pointed out that the Temple of Shallya in this city should indeed be able to cure such a mutation. The man was still insistent on leaving, getting away but I warned him against that. Were he to go into the city, it would cause panic and the watch would kill him.

I promised to use my connections to the Church to get him some help.

Too many innocents have died already.

Maestro demanded that the well be covered.

We thought that would be the last of it.

We were wrong, of course.

Extract from the diary of Maestro:

Day 40

We met a fellow, the Deputy High Priest Claus Liebnitz. I recognize his emblem from my studies at the library. He appears to be a member of the Brotherhood of the Axe – a powerful and respected military order within the Teutogen Guard.

We ended up getting roped into helping the witch hunters watch the rest of the city wells. Some of the other wells had been poisoned with more warpstone traces.

As they walked to the main well on the southern side of the city, Dieter couldn’t help but raise a point with Maestro, “Maestro listen” he started, “I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that if a portal to a chaos realm appears again, you are NOT to blow it up.”

Maestro smirked, “But you just did Dieter my man.”

Dieter shook his head and remained calm, albeit with great effort, continuing, “Yes, I’m taking no chances with you. Back in Altdorf you almost killed us all.”

Maestro’s eyes narrowed, “For what it’s worth, I didn’t mean to blow it up. I just tried to disrupt the spell.”

Dieter snapped at him a little, “Yes, well magic is a dangerous commodity as we can clearly see. In your hands it is unpredictable.”

“That’s why I’m training, Dieter.” Maestro replied defensively and added, “What was I supposed to do? Let a greater daemon run havoc across the city?”

Dieter was unimpressed, “Foolishness that results in victory is not the same as courage.”

Maestro smiled and replied, “It matters in the one place that it counts most, on the paperwork of my report that will ultimately end up back in the Magisters’ hands.”

Tobias gave Maestro a short glance and tried to not let on that the conversation intrigued him.

Dieter still wouldn’t let it go, “Then there was the fire, where you made the portal explode and it killed the old woman.”

Maestro pouted, “I told Tobias to sling a stone, I did not do it, he did.”

The halfling raised his eyebrows in dismay.

Dieter snarled a little at the mention of Tobias’s name and replied, “As much as I would enjoy pinning any blame on that short legged shaven rat of a half man, YOU asked him to. It’s your interventions that cause all of this. It’s your presence that binds us together in fact. Binds me to you.” Dieter quickly took a step back, internally. He realised he’d gone too far.

Maestro asked, “What do you mean?”

“Figuratively” replied Dieter, “I mean, it’s not…like I can leave you on your own now, after seeing what a state you leave everything in, after you have touched it.”

Maestro smiled wickedly at this, “I like you too, Dieter.”

Dieter thought better of saying anything else to the contrary. He had almost overstepped the mark, said too much. Anything he told them would not help. It could only lead to the potential for coming back on him later down the line. Dieter always believed in leaving alone even the most innocuous of conversational threads.

Dieter realised that everyone was looking at him now and added, “Just do me a favour then, next time at least ask before you blow a portal up. We’re getting into trouble with the chaos forces, I tell you.”

Maestro nodded, “That sounds reasonable.”

The group soon arrived at their destination.

From the diary of Tordrad:

Day 40

We wait, hiding to catch anyone trying to poison well. Halfling take robes off, go crazy again as sun go down. He more crazy than the wizard is. Maybe it is influence from College of Magic. Maybe wizard be that crazy one day too.

Halfling is even funnier at night. He snarl at me even. Much attitude he has. I like that.

We not wait long, man in dark robes came. Halfling creep out to him, swap his pouch of poison for pouch of small stones. When man go to tip it in well he find truth, he start running.

Wizard surprises me. Somehow he faster than anyone I ever saw. He raced out to criminal and speak in dangerous mage tongue. He touch criminal and criminal fall down. Criminal asleep from touch.

Dieter have malicious glint in eye. I like that too. He make me laugh. Small man, very weak but much heart of warrior. Tordrad sees it. Dieter tries to hide it. Tordrad knows fighter when he sees one.

Halfling ties man up. Slaps his face until he wake. Dieter asks him questions. I know not what, but man is scared. Very good fun this.

Dieter make the man focus on finger. Man just stare like half asleep then. Wizard say this word much, “hip-no-ties” I not know this word. Dieter do this perhaps. Man tells group much.

Next we go to cultist base on corner of Todmane Alee and Ecke Strasse. We smash way through into warehouse. Man hides behind barrels, he try run. Wizard he leap forward, over barrels, faster than he looks. He touch this man too, who falls asleep on floor. Halfling steals man’s coin purse.

Secret hatch man was going to. Ladder lead down. We end up in tunnel underground. Storeroom down here. Maestro find spear. It magic. He excited about it too, so it must be. It has some power about it. A presence of something, maybe someone. After seeing what skull did, I believe anything could be possessed.

We burst in on dark chaos wizard. He bring guards to defend. My silly wizard, he angers chaos wizard. Speaks in evil language once more, threatens chaos wizard. Silly wizard should not have done this. Chaos wizard, he cast spell. Spat much blood at my wizard. Blood hit him in chest and make it burn. Silly wizard scream like little girl, fall to his knees and try to survive cultist guards. Rissandrea fight them off him with quarterstaff. Good that she did this as I needed time to get to him. Dieter, the dog and halfling fighting wizard. He holding them off with barrier power. He using lot of power quickly, drawing much darkness around him. This why male wizard is bad idea. Maestro better not become like this. Better as buffoon as is now, than this.

More proof of this I see as terrible conjuration go wrong for chaos wizard. His face, it change to surprise, to horror. Soon same look on my group’s faces. I not paid to protect them, just wizard. I run to wizard to save him from other men. Not matter though. Other men see portal tear itself open, like ripping of parchment, revealing chaos portal behind chaos wizard. I know what these are. Seen enough now. Large red hand pull chaos wizard in through portal. He scream like child. Something big inside make him look like child, feel like child I think. Portal closed shut. Not before man-sized daemon step out.

Hooves, red skin, horns, big axe. Good fight for me. It was too good a fight. My weapon could not hurt it. It mock me instead.

Wizard shout my name, I look to see spear he holding glowing orange, smoke rising from end of it. Daemon look worried at spear too. Good sign I see. Wizard perhaps less an idiot than first seems. He threw spear to me, throw like girl, weak arm. I catch though and fight daemon. Spear burned his flesh, made him scream. Voice like ten people at once. I not care, he daemon and spear knows it. Before I can finish bloodletter, it fade like not really there anymore, like mist and then completely gone.

My kill denied me.

I was not happy at it escaping. Maestro say something to me, I part understand him trying to tell me it not matter, because daemons not die anyway, just banish, even when you kill them.

This make me feel even worse.

Maybe though, maybe powerful spear like this, maybe it kill daemon so well that it die from it.