Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Writer Handover News 27/4/10

I have an update on the planned writer handover.

The man that was going to take over from chapter 14 has decided that the undertaking of TFT is too much pressure. He feels the story is too good to risk getting wrong. He has regretably stood down as writer. It's a little unprofessional but I can accept it a bit more seeing as he has also stood down as a writer generally for anything.
He is the actual table play's GM so he will continue to have influence on certain aspects of our story advances, at its initial level.

I was about to undertake the writing again, myself when Pete (who plays Dieter) the other writer inclined one said that he would give it a go.
Therefore, I can tell you, the continuation of the Middenheim arc - chapter 14 onwards will be written by Peter Davis-Parker. I'll try to edit a bit.

I am actually writing a couple of things right now as well, for TFT - which means you will be seeing more work by me soon as well. If things work out well with Pete, we might keep a co-operational writing schedule going.

We'll see.