Friday, 5 December 2014

The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Rant

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Art Nude Issues of Study

This video is a tongue in cheek comedy based insight into examining art. I am fully aware of the history and controversy of the artist, as well as the abuse from his peers. But do note that this video is not to be taken know...for the weird-oes out there...

Friday, 20 June 2014

New AGE RPG Wolves For Your Use

Halloween Hellraiser Update? Sort Of.

As a writer I am in a position that is giving me a headache.
   I'm trying to pitch this comic script for Halloween & Hellraiser crossover (a what if story), I've got agents interested so far, even got hold of Clive Barker to make it happen, but the response from his end is that Hellraiser work has an exclusive contract signed to Boom! Studios. So before he looks any further into it he wants me to get permission on the Halloween side. Now let me tell you, that is proving tough!

I have the added problem too that Halloween comics are released exclusively elsewhere! So I would need to foster an agreement between various rights holders or encourage a two company collaboration.

I personally like the sound of the latter. Imagine getting two great companies to work together on putting out a memorable piece of comic book horror fiction for a simple 6 issue run.

So, the project is stalled in the red tape business right now, but if we can find a way through that I will be delighted to present the work to you all.

Here's keeping fingers crossed...toes too.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Halloween Hellraiser Back On Track?

After five years of simply sitting on it, we're getting HH back on track again. I've been in talks with an agent recently, with first impressions going well, and we're in the process of talking to artists to render our excerpt pages of copy ready for publisher handouts and the like. Proof of concept will help us I hope. I say I hope, because we're paying for it off our own backs.

We still need to get in touch with Clive and John too. That doesn't feel like it will be an easy task...

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fighting Fantasy Dungeoneer Conversion Part 2 INFO

Just to let you know, I'm doing a follow up to the previously released part 1 adventure in Jackson and Livingstone's Dungeoneer book. This is the continued hunt for Xorton Throg, who I will have based in Rivain! Heck, that way I can lay down some foreshadow for Riddling Reaver set somewhere there too...

But yes, I'm already on Scene 11 within the book and this will be intended for player characters around the level 10 mark or higher. Again, some new radical ideas being implemented, to make some of the encounter creatures unique.

Fighting Fantasy Forever.