Sunday, 8 November 2009

Comic Therapy - What Once Was Planned; What May Yet Be

Just before Tiemen got too busy with uni to carry on with Warpedhammer The Comic with me, I was just flourishing with an idea for a comic which I called 'Comic Therapy'.
The idea was that it'd be a vehicle for the comedic parody scripts I was thinking up that didn't pigeon hole me with Warpedhammer. In the process, I started to notice the scripts for them dealt with issues that really did bother me, so in sharing them with the world it was a type of therapy.

The project started, with a few unfunny ORLY Owl caption pics and three of Tiemen's own Mythology issues. All of this was due to Tiemen's lack of time to get the first real issue done. In the end, we only ended up producing one issue, but it really does give an indication where we were going with the series.

I now present to you that very issue, titled issue #13: LOLTR

We were going to carry on with the next part showing Gandalf, with what happened after his great fall with the Balrog. He would have ended up dunked in a large tub of soap powder.
Suddenly he wasn't Gandalf the Grey anymore, he was Gandalf the White...with new lemony freshness...

I'm actually somewhat hopeful about this series. Because it's so unspecific, simply poking fun at whatever takes my interest at the time, perhaps I will get an artist on board to make it all happen as planned.
If it does happen, it would be a relaunch with the above comic more than likely not even used as an actual issue. More something to refer to to get the concept across to potential artists for it.

All I can say is watch this space.