Thursday, 12 November 2009

Peter Parker

I said I would follow up on the story about how my friend and co-writer on H/H Peter Parker came to have this name, so here goes.

His name was Peter before, but he had a different surname. He informed me of the decision to change his name by deed poll and I replied, "well, you're Peter so, it's gotta be Parker!"
He took that information away and I laughed a little to myself.

Anyway, next thing I know, he'd done it!

You can imagine the fun he had in Forbidden Planet, picking up his monthly standing order for Amazing Spider-Man. "Can you go and get Peter Parker's monthly order of Spider-Man?" to the assisstant out back!

The reason I'm explaining this though is important. This moment made me realise that Peter was the sort of person who took my creative decisions seriously. Then we came to write together properly.