Friday, 11 December 2009

Why I Play Warhammer

I was reading a topic on the Chaos Army forum COTEC asking why its members love Warhammer.
I've pasted my reply below.

By the way, when/if I come to write out our Warhammer RPG adventure into a story for professional usage I'll have my format in place already. I quite like the idea of doing flashbacks for the cast, set off by something relavant in the real world that echoes the memory. That way we can get immediate about it but show a lot of character depth in their pre-setting.
This idea worked out superbly for 'Lost.'

This is why I love Warhammer:

This game feels like chess with dice! I truly love how real old battlefield tactics can come to the fore. Units on Earth truly did have to rank deep to better absorb a charge. Or there's the famous form square when cavalry would be coming. That'd be a 3+ rank bonus right there! Archers truly did used to try to gain a hill to better fire.

The actual hobby of Warhammer appeals because unlike things like train sets and models of vehicles, I need my work to go towards something practical I can use, to feel worth it.

Lastly there's the lore of the world. I'm so into it that I'm doing WHFRPG tabletop. While some of the writers can be a bit ropey, overall the options for creating your own storyline are really plentiful.