Thursday, 10 December 2009

Day One of Series Prep

Today is the first day of pre-production for 'Duz Andy Know?'

I dug out the handycam and set up a tripod in my front room and Andy came over so that I could shoot him from a few places and see what I like.

I think I'm leaning towards my sofa (gotta get better cushions - wakka wakka wakka) for him to sit on.
The major problem in this room is the lack of lighting, even in the day time. People wonder how I ever manage to get my Warhammer minis painted. I wonder too. The front room is fairly large but there's only one lightbulb in there. Add to that the fact that it's energy saving. Then there's the problem of the high rise buildings all around my house and the huge (protected) tree at the end of my garden. There's barely any light coming through at all. I feel like I'm living in a box sometimes.

I don't have any professional lights so I might have to wing it. Positioning bedside lamps in strategic places off camera.
Problem is, I'm not joking.

Then I had a huge struggle to find the editing/uploading/drivers software for the camera and even when I did, using it was a nightmare. It was cheap and tacky and the sound didn't want to work in there.
I'm not very techy you know. As an Editor I would have probably fared better in the splicing of reels days. I quite intend to call in the aid of my friend Lory to "co-edit" with me. The part of filming that I love the most is the directing. Of course, with a natural subject as the project that doesn't really get to happen anyway.

I have achieved one major thing though. I've used Windows Movie Maker to devise what the opening title style is going to be. Funnily enough I decided upon the Andy font.