Thursday, 10 December 2009

Interview Shooting Test

Andy came over to my house again today and I ran a shooting test with him, of some actual recording of interview. It was me asking him a range of questions and him attempting to answer them to the best of his ability.

I improved the light a lot but I'm a little concerned now about the sound being as loud as I'd like. As long as you can hear him though, that's what counts. It's a YouTube series, after all - expected to have some rough edges. Sometimes that's the charm of them.

I also took a few snaps of him via the memory card camera function of the handycam. Some of the shots look quite gormless...that might just be perfect. Aww I sound so mean! :P
Let me remind you again, he's not in any way mentally handicapped, he's just a lazy bugger. My point being that you're allowed to laugh at this and not feel guilty.

With the footage I have recorded with him today, if usable, I probably have enough for several episodes - being that I want a short 2 or 3 minute runtime format at most.

I suppose you could say that principle photography began today.