Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Extended Issue, Some Thoughts On Writing

We've decided that to get the intensity of the last fight across and really do the characters justice, we're going to extend issue six by perhaps another 10 pages. This means that it might come out as a 32 pager.
Of course, how all of this presents in its final version may be different, based on Editor input if published, but here I'm giving you the raw information on my end as it is written.

When you consider how long a fight Freddy versus Jason had at the end of it, we really see that the fans deserve to see more of our ideas with the characters they love so much.

Sometimes, through the writing you get these little pangs of concern: Would Clive Barker like this? Would the die hard fans? Then you have to remind yourself that if you let such thoughts carry on, you'll drive yourself nuts.

You can't please everyone and you can't write while trying to do that in your mind because you get a surge of energetic inspiration and you simply have to pursue that, to put down what is real from you, on the page.

We know as fans that the events taking place here please us. We really wanted to see this match up. If anyone had put it out there as a comic professionally already, we wouldn't have bothered (if we'd liked it). But now we're satisfying our curiosity in the exciting adventure that comes with writing a story.