Wednesday, 9 December 2009

'Duz Andy Know?' New Youtube Comedy Series

I can now move this information from being a mere whisper in the misc section to having its own label. 'Duz Andy Know?' is the name of my new youtube series. As soon as videos are uploaded on there, they'll be uploaded on here.

Here's the link to the youtube page.

Concept: I will be filming my long time friend Andy Alford, throwing a number of questions and challenges at him ranging from relatively simple to downright easy. I'll be making the series to prove his shocking ignorance in so many fields! Truly I'm amazed by it and I feel that others might be. Therefore, this was screaming to become a series.

I will output videos based on the quality of natural reactions I get from the test subject.

I would hope to get to the point where subscribers across the internet could feel free to send questions/challenges for Andy to take on, while  I point my trusty camera at it.

Disclaimer: The subject of this series of videos is 100% genuinely the way he appears. He is not acting and nothing is staged.

Andy has no medically recognized form of retardation or other learning disability.

He has never been diagnosed with any sort of mental illness or impairment other than anxiety.

Andy's current state is a result of ignorance and a disinterest in life to pay attention to anything around him.

He is in full agreement with filming this series and he fully understands the nature and tone of this series.

'Duz Andy Know' title and concept are copyright of the owner Robert James Freemantle - 2009-