Thursday, 13 May 2010

Writer Thoughts On TFT Chapter 2 Spoken Word

The second chapter sees us meeting the rest of the party. The halfling at the end, Tobias completes the current lineup.

This was another Malvanius heavy chapter meaning more voice damage, lol.

Chapter 2 was shorter than chapter 1, but you will find that no other chapter is as long as chapter 1 anyway.

In the next chapter, we're going to explore a little more about Tobias, to learn how he became a master wizard while being 0% magically gifted (no halfling knows magic - they cannot!).

So, the witch hunter captain has set them a task and we're going to see our heroes try to uncover the truth in their own way.

Things have been a bit slow to start, but that is what you find with movies and series. If you're going for a long haul campaign, squinting into the distance you really have to give the characters a strong set up. Of course, much of their info is also being purposely held back from you.
In the first video I put out, the talk about making the series here I explain that we're going for the slow reveal technique that you would see in shows like 'Lost'.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. I've enjoyed making the first two chapters into an audio piece and as such I am going to produce the third chapter soon.
Meanwhile, remember the story can also be read on here, right up to chapter 15 (at time of writing).