Wednesday, 19 May 2010

TFT Spoken Word Version - Chapter 4 Complete And Thoughts

Here's the link for the playlist:

Here's some of my thoughts on making it.

This is the chapter where the party see combat at last. The bit I'm most proud of is part 4, where I have added more music, this time for the actual fighting scenes.
I limited myself to what was available from Bjorn Lynne, as a challenge (and it's free to use music!) With that in mind, that I didn't get to have songs made for me, I think I did okay. I am proud of the result, of how I spliced the tunes up and placed musical sections purposely against the spoken words to fit. I tried the very best I could with what I had. I hope you can tell and I hope you enjoy my vision for the series.
We got to hear a couple of the character "theme songs" in there too.
I do want to say though, I don't intend to have music in every fight. I will play it by ear. But this fight was so grand a challenge for them to face it just felt right to have music. I think you'll agree.

I'm sure I will start work on chapter 5 soon enough. After that, I will have to consider how many views the videos are getting on YouTube and thusly how feasable it will be to continue on with chapter 6 after it. It's about supply and demand after all - and I have a ton of other demands pulling at me. It will be up to the fans, the readers, the listeners to convince me to use my time on TFT.

For now though, all the best!