Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Thoughts On TFT Chapter 1 Spoken Word Version

With chapter one now completed and online I wanted to give a quick write up on it for those who might be interested.
In this chapter we have fomally met Rissandrea, Maestro and Tordrad. Two more members will be introduced to us next chapter.

Malvanias was a difficult voice to maintain - it meant I had to reach for those lozenges. It's satisfying to play him though. He too is one of my characters who I introduced to the GM so that he could be used as an NPC in this. Actually, the GM does a pretty good impression of him too! lol.
You'll notice that Malvanius has that real policeman vibe about him. That is something he keeps switched on all the time. Everything is of note to him, nomatter how small.
Bringing Maestro into the mix with the witch hunter was hilarious fun to play between the GM and I. I was inspired by the spirit of their banter in my writing of the dialogue between them here, even though these words were not those exactly at the table.
Our GM has actually told me that he prefers the version of TFT that is put out afterwards by me over the table version of it.

Now, you might wonder why Tordrad is the way he is, unable to speak to the rest of the party? Well, it's simple. We were short of players and the GM really really wanted to play too but of course a full on player character could compromise the story, being GM led 100% of the time. I came up with the idea of having a character who would be present but unable to interact with the party, so that the GM couldn't accidentally help us!
It was this thinking that got me onto deciding his role, being a more servant/bodyguard type would further lessen his capability of involvement.
Tordrad is actually one of my favourite characters. You don't really get to know too much about him for a while. Later on though, in later chapters some of the story will be told from HIS point of view in journal form. That, I have to admit was bloody entertaining to write!

So, it all came together at the Two-Headed Goose. That fateful decision to go in there that night, for each of the characters, that had the effect of bringing them all together and eventually keeping them together.

I'll see you in part 2!