Saturday, 20 February 2010

WHFRP Adventure Story Info

So we're playing this 'ere Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game adventure now. I want to keep track of what is happening on our travels if possible.

The first adventure was designed by me and not from a book. From there we'll be following much of the second edition books as our party comes to it with possible story write ups of it, if it works. What I do know is that the first part definitely will work for a story, so I'm going to at the very least upload that on here and see how it goes down with the community.

Even if it only ever remains at one, you will see a self contained story in itself. The follow ups may be written in a more journal like updating system, I have no idea how I'll feel after each adventure actually happens at the table. I do know that here are some really interesting deep characters. The sort of characters you could explain to someone and quite some time will pass when you realise you're still talking.

I want to approach the viewed end story as one that reveals itself very slowly. Even moments of character backstory will be hinted at or paved over until covered later on in a suitable flashback 'Lost' style.

I'm even going to be cagey about revealing names of characters as they first appear. Mystery is to be paramount to the reader. This is also because I'm aware that the settings will often take place in structures and plots that I have no control over, being the adventures set out in the books (which are now out of print I might add) so I need to control some aspect of it myself. This is one such way, that and the unique way these particular characters will handle the situations that might seem non-conventional to other "normal" parties. Even the underdogs have a shot, and this is their shot.

The idea for this team is that they are people who were brought together by fate, as if for some greater purpose - yet they are all misfits in their own ways. No one else would want them in their team. Yet here, as a team together, they make it work somehow.

With that in mind, I've been trying to think of a title for this series. If anyone has a good idea for a title, drop a reply with it and I'll consider it.

They will be nearly all humans, travelling and exploring the Empire on various quests and adventures, with the odd trip into another land on the odd rare occaision.

Edit - you will see the whole chapter pasted onto the blog too, but it being this blog, it throws it out of original formatting from the word doc. I will include links to view them at my deviantart page, but when those don't work you can read it here after all.