Thursday, 18 February 2010

Latest from HGP - My Dwarf Warhammer "walker" Invention

Being the massive Warhammer fan I am, I've come up with stats for a new Dwarf model that I'd consider showing to GW. I'm going to playtest it soon.

You can see the thread where I posted it on Da Warpath to get initial community reaction -

Consider this a first working still, without playtesting yet.

Here's the walker -

Grungni's Legacy
This is a walker, about the size of an Ork Killa Kan.
It is portrayed as a huge Ancestor visage of the Dwarf God of Mining and Protection Grungni. Aptly, it was built for the purpose of mining, with its limb weapons originally designed to bore through hard rocks.

It was considered too brash and dangerous for long term usage, especially because of its fuel type, which was deemed potentially easy to self detonate were it to fall over or incur damage at the wrong point.

It is built to house one occupant the size of a Dwarf (or something smaller) with a series of levers and buttons inside that operate its various functions. A heavily protective visor design lays across the visual panel, oiled specially to keep dust from settling on it. Around this is an ancestor's mask, the visage of Grungni, the classic candle upon his helmed head. In reality this is not a real candle but a luminescent stone that glows brightly like an everlasting flame.

M 4
WS 3
BS 0
S 4 (7)
T 6
W 3
I 2
LD 9

Counts as 1 hero and also takes up a rare choice slot.

Points: 300

Unit Size 1

Unit Strength 3

Weapons: Oversized Steam Drill, Steam Vent

Armour: Heavy Gromril Plating, Ancestor’s Mask

Special Rules:

Oversized Steam Drill: Adds +3 to strength, strikes last – Optional: Player’s choice of whether to use the drill that round. If not, it fights at normal strength and initiative value.

Steam Vent: Breath weapon template, Strength 2, Armour save -3

Heavy Gromril Plating: The gromril used for this walking avatar is much thicker than even an Ironbreaker’s suit of armour. This grants it a 2+ armour save.

Ancestor’s Mask: A mask usually worn by Dwarfs depicting the Ancestor’s of their clans or Gods. Being attacked by such a visage causes fear (See Warhammer rulebook page 50).

Immune to Psychology: (See Warhammer rulebook page 53)

Large Target: (See Warhammer rulebook page 28)

Grungni’s Will: Imbued with a one of a kind rune, said to have been forged by a smith who cited Grungni’s divine inspiration in a dream. As such this grants a 5+ ward save.

All Out Overdrive!: The passenger can activate a turbo charge mode for the attached steam drill. Whenever the steam drill is being used, the controlling player can (optionally) activate this mode to grant +D3 attacks but at -1 to hit for all attacks that round. Roll separately for each combat turn. Rolls of 1 are resolved against the bearer as its unstable motors will have burnt out and caught fire in several places.

Hates Ancestral Foes: The passenger inside, is susceptible to the normal hatred rules of its race where applicable (See Warhammer rulebook page 53 for hatred).

Master Rune of Grungni’s Vengeance: Upon losing its last wound, the walker activates its last right of ancestral pride – destruction before capture. It self destructs, with its alcoholic fuel tanks overloading causing 2D6” of strength 5 flaming hits to all models in range. If Grungni’s Legacy is forced to flee combat and pursued then caught, the point at which it moved to is where it remains immobile, the unit pursuing moves its full pursuit move. However, in the next player’s turn there is an increased chance of self destruction explosion. At the start of the turn phase in the very next player’s turn roll a D6. On a 3+ it blows up immediately and is removed from the field. If it fails to blow up then, at the start of the very next player’s turn after that it explodes on a 2+. On the turn after that, it explodes automatically!

Please note, if you immobilize it in this way, you immediately gain the victory points for it, even if it hasn’t exploded by the end of the game.