Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Surrealistic Stories and Poetry

Since I was a young teen, I was speaking in a language unique to me and committing it to paper. A surreal free style of wordplay and out of control yet in control manipulation of the English language.

As the years rolled on I started to do it less. The pressures of life became what they were and I had less time to let my mind think in terms of this. But I have a real urge to get back to it, dang it! So that is what I am doing.

As of yesterday I have started to collect some of my old works together in front of me. From here I plan to carefully refine and finish them and add to them a number of new pieces until I have enough mad jottings to make a book, perhaps. Then an agent would be the next step.

I would however like to get much of it backed up by illustrations and alas I cannot draw well enough.

One hurdle at a time though, eh.