Wednesday, 15 June 2011

About Gaming Talk

The idea with Gaming Talk came about as a response to me watching various other YouTube videos. The people advising on the matters of roleplay games and such were indeed very experienced and had a lot of interesting things to say, but nearly all of them had bad presentation to their videos. There was certainly a lot more room to make the viewing experience more palatable.
This was due in part to most of them using webcams with direct uploads.
I could see what needed to be addressed in a series of videos about gaming:

An ident - This gives the viewer a sense that what they are watching has been tied together with care and attention, if the intro is as such too.

Editing - You'd be surprised how much time you can knock off of a video run time just by cutting out all of those un-required moments. Then there's the fact that it directs more energy into the piece and keeps viewer attention better.

Lower run time - many of the gaming YT videos have astronomical run times of over 10 minutes, just to say simple things. People just blab on and on and on and you're searching in the middle of that for the good stuff. It came about from a sense of frustration at this that I decided I would aim for a show that delivers content in or under 5 minutes, if possible.

The rest of the idea was simply to ask questions that would further tie together the already strong youtube gaming community.

I hope you enjoy the series, something that has as usual come about less from a sense of grand vision that I must do it, but more because no one else was doing it.