Saturday, 10 October 2009

Halloween/Hellraiser - Prognatus Quondam Iterum

Peter Davis Parker (yes the name, yes I know, I'll blog about that some other time) and I are writing a horror crossover comic with the above title.

The big issue with such a project is of course owner permission. Two lots of permission required!

I'll say it now though, we're not at all scared of that. We are writing a good story. If it takes off then so be it, if it doesn't then that's ok too. We'll have built one heck of a script and we'd look into trying to put it online instead. That would require an artist to work for free in such a case.
Something existing online would remain as an easily viewable portfolio of talent for us and any potential artist that worked on it.

That's a worst case scenario though. We're just aware that trying to gain usage permission from two different sources will be statistically harder, not impossible.

We're getting it done, with teaser pitching on the horizon.

More information to follow!