Saturday, 10 October 2009

Halloween/Hellraiser Comic Issue 0 Script Complete

Issue 0 is fully scripted and in pdf form.

This has been written as a prelude, a set up for the main story.

It's a 44 page comic, so yes we went for a double sized issue to really get a lot of backstory across.

We're dealing with a concept crossover AU here, so we felt that proper character integration was integral to making the whole project more believable when characters from the two universes begin meeting, not just Michael and the Cenobites. We really are asking the question: What would happen if these two licences existed in the same universe? What would have been different in the past?

It also gives us some opportunities to tie so many of the movies into the happenings here. Especially issue 0. In #0 we have ties/cut ins to the first five Hellraiser movies alone!
We can show little things that happened in between, little things that the fans would remember and appreciate. We can explore the two licences deeper than the movies would allow. Will will be showing you a new state of Leviathan. We like to call it his 'order absorption state', kinda like him sleeping, to name a concept closer for a human to understand, but a lot more complicated because he's a high lord of Hell. He does this to "download" new information from existence around him so that he might make the informed decisions that a leader such as he is required to. When he's in this state he'll visually even look different than what you've ever seen. It's all in the beams, baby. ;)