Saturday, 11 April 2015

Their Fated Travels Sequel...

I always knew that TFT was going to be an ongoing project, probably a trilogy. The GM and I roughly knew what the next part would entail. Lory would GM it, and the guys at the office would assume the new roles needed, then as before - events at the table would inspire the story written by myself.

Will it ever be fully realised? I would like to think so. The GM has just started up a Pathfinder campaign with us, but you never know what will follow for him after that is done.
I did at least write some of the build up to the campaign, as chapters 1 and 2 to the sequel, some of which I might consider as a release to show you what the start of the next one would be.

And what would the next one be called? Their Travels Continued...

It is also quite annoying that GW has come out with its own End Times, because an End Times is what is happening in the future in this story too - but this chapter was written a very long time ago.