Saturday, 16 March 2013

AGE Adventure In The Works

I have been working with Martin Garner on a project in the works that I fully intend to run in my Dragon Age RPG campaign. It's going to be called The Shadow Bloom.

This will be using the AGE system of play without any IP inclusive content for world setting etc. A standard fantasy setting. I've been in discussions with how I could make this work, as it turns out that still using the AGE system is usage of the company's owned property, the company being Green Ronin.
I am making this adventure and will playtest it with my own group, but after that whether it will see the light of day publicly is more of an unknown. This is because while GR as a company are very reasonable about freely donated projects, I would like to see at least some tiny recompense of time for the work undertaken. Just want to get a tips jar amount thing going on, as time in these my later years is a very difficult and valuable commodity indeed. After all, there are family and kids who I have to take myself away from to make projects happen and such.

If I can get something worked out, I hope to get it out there to you. Perhaps on this forum somehow.