Thursday, 28 June 2012

Session 12 Vidcast: Dragon Age Role Play (Fighting Fantasy Conversion)

Welcome to the Fighting Fantasy Conversion Project. In its first step we convert 'The Wishing Well' by Steve Jackson over to something suitable for Dragon Age. Recommended for perhaps level 1 or 2's - or an easier time for level 3's.

Below you will find out how to get the original book, a video of how it played out for my group with personal opinions from the GM and all of the pages of conversion kit scanned in for your use. All I ask if you want to show others the conversion kit online that you link them to this blog so that I'm credited correctly.
These pages may be downloaded for personal use in your gaming. Happy sessions!

Firstly, here's the book you'll need to get hold of to play this dungeon:

You can try getting it from somewhere else too, but this is just to show you which book you need.

Here's a video of me talking about how the session went for this conversion into Dragon Age RPG, how I tied a story/theme into it and what I think worked or didn't - useful if you're planning to GM it too:

Below are the scanned pages of the rough conversion kit to use alongside the book. I made these notes for personal use but am now making them available to you. Remember, these pages don't make sense on their own. You need a copy of Fighting Fantasy An Introductory Roleplaying Game to work with it: