Sunday, 8 May 2011

On Working With Go-Animate

Lory and I have been trying to work on the next episode of Their Fated Travels...animated shorts. The primary word being "trying". That programme is a real piece of work!
There are so many bugs and issues with it that I don't think we would be able to list them all. 

This situation has been so bad that we had to restart the entirety of the second episode, starting fresh. Yes, it's that bad. 
I'm just thankful I'm not the animator. That task falls on Lory, but I am a frustrated directed/voice actor having to keep re-trying takes that were perfectly fine but can't be used for whatever ridiculous reason the programme came up with to screw things up at any given time.

So then, if there hadn't already been problems, we would have had TFTAS #2 out to you by now. But it is instead still in progress. 

I've had an idea for the next one after that...that is if this process doesn't drive us completely potty in the meantime.