Sunday, 3 April 2011

RE: The TFT Tourney fights

For those of you reading or watching Their Fated Travels from chapter 30+ I'm sure you've been enjoying the tourney that the party have found themselves competing in.
   I do want to point out that when we ran these fights, we actually had all names put into a hat and drawn out randomly, for each and every round. So it was truly mad what might happen on the day in combinations.
   All of the players who took part fully played their characters too, rolling dice for these 1v1 bouts. The session was recorded via a PC microphone and then played back later by me when I came to actually write it all up. There are some places where I had to craft some realism onto the combat, here and there, but aside the odd inevitable embellishment, these matches and their results happened pretty much true to how you the readers/listeners experience them.