Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Due Consequences Coming Up For Their Fated Travels...

It's been a big old story hasn't it? Their Fated Travels...If you haven't started reading it yet, I suggest you STOP reading this post as it contains SPOILERS
Still here? Okay then.
With chapter 28 we saw the group battle the final pieces of the daemon and overcome it. This won't be the end of the story though, but it is close...well sort of. Let me explain then.
Chapter 29 is going to be a very thoughtful chapter, mostly conversation based as an aftershock to the many revelations that have come about as a result of chapters leading up to here. The main two figures in the spotlight are Rissandrea and Dieter. Though everyone has something large on their mind too.
A chapter like this stands as testimony of how strong these characters actually are that they can simply sit and converse for so long like this.
After that chapter, there will be a specific action oriented event and then an epilogue of sorts.
You will then see the end of TFT...sort of. Because we're going to do what series like Naruto did and have a large time skip that separates us into two stories instead.
In fact, the guys who play it jokingly refer to it as "Their Fated Travels Shippuden". lol.

When the next part would come about I don't know, because we have only played up to the end of this section. Remember that events in the storyline are consequences and actions of what happens at the RPG gaming table.
Once we're done with this part, the group is actually moving on to Dark Heresy, the 40k RPG. After that we'll probably play a different one too. But the plan is to get back together with the TFT guys and make a new campaign some when, at a different later time, both in old world and real world time!

I will probably finish this "series" off with a character analysis from my perspective of playing with and as the characters and then writing them into TFT. I know them all quite well, as I helped the players design them, after all.

Just don't make the mistake of thinking you've seen everything yet. The biggest surprise of all might just arrive as the curtain is coming down...