Wednesday, 1 December 2010

TFT 19 Written Version Progress?

You might be considering that it's been a while since the written version of chapter 18 was released here and on Well, worry thee not readers, for I have received the first rough draft of Ch 19 from Lory Cozens as of last night. He is still guest writing the title for this chapter too, just to split up the work effort between the players actually taking part. Remember, each writer isn't taking his ideas from 100% imagination - he is in fact recreating events that happen to our characters at the actual RPG table when we played it, adapting it accordingly to be a story: By means of exposition through character diary entries, a chapters system, flashbacks for the characters and sometimes additional conversational components that add to the experience, all of which wouldn't have happened at the table on the day, but can be added here.

19, coming soon.
Meanwhile, I'm going to keep releasing the spoken word of 17. Enjoy!

All the best