Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Update - August

Ahoy hoy!

Well, I've not been quite as active as I have certain other months, but I have been taking care of a brand new relationship I've just started last month. Busy trying to work lots of things out, like you do.

That doesn't mean the work has stopped of course! I do continue to produce material, as you can no doubt see upon this very page below this post.
Do remember, I continue to compile my work online for free to the public to act as a sort of online portfolio. If someone wants to give me some money to actually do any of these things as a job for me or for them, then of course I will update as regularly as the job requires.

But without further ado, let's look at what's on the horizon for my updates.

Well, you're getting two more Duz Andy Know episodes out of me this month. Episode 26 will be released on the 16th Aug and 27 on the 30th.
Right now, as we speak I'm recording speech for Their Fated Travels...Chapter 15 Spoken Word, to be released soon I reckon.
Chapter 18 of the readable story proper will be edited and online soon, probably this month.
Lastly, Our good friend T-Man is undertaking the job of producing another issue of Comic Therapy for me, with a script I sent him some while ago - as soon as he finds the time.

One last reminder - Sep 1st is quite a big day for Andy it seems. It will be the day that decides whether he goes to Ghana this time or not...It is the date of his 2nd attempt at a flight there, which is another reason that episodes had to slow down. Again, if he does go, the idea would be for him to vlog his experiences with a view to making DAK specials from the footage. Who knows?