Wednesday, 10 March 2010

TFT Original Content Versus Book Content

With six chapters online right now, you've followed the story from all original content. Because this adventure is a WHFRP career based system, it means that we do need to move onto the book adventures too.
Now, because some of them coming up are from the book and not original, they would be documented in a somewhat different manner.

There will be a warning at the top of each one, explaining what sourcebook the adventure comes from so that you can decide if it will be a spoiler for your own WHFRP playing experiences. Keep in mind though, this will be second edition material, not third.
Also, you will notice that because it is from the book, a lot of it is going to be portrayed as journal entries. This will move the thing along quicker, keep track of what is happening in the characters careers but focusing it on the element that isn't in the book. The original ideas, feelings and points of view from these specific player driven characters. These characters aren't like most characters. Their thoughts on certain issues might take you by surprise from reading their journals.
Another interesting point of this is that they are a lot more honest in their journals than they are to each other. You can then get a stronger sense of who each character is.

Even when we're on the book content, there will be elements of original content thrown in too, to make things go along as the GM sees fit.

Alright then, so chapters 1-6 were totally original content.
Chapter 7 will be the first update from a sourcebook material play session.